The most incredible ninja (Eng)

If you are a migrant in Australia -or just a migrant- I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of overcoming stories from ordinary people. They left their comfort zone and also left that ordinary label a while ago. Those stories have become really familiar to me. They are in my everyday context. However, I can’t make them small, as their strength hits me to make me realize how brave and determined these people are.

Some people can’t understand these life experiences as they can’t put themselves in our shoes, are jealous or can’t look in their own mirror. That attitude makes us feel judged sometimes. But seriously, I don’t care.

This is one of those stories. And the main character is Sarah Bürvenich, my bestie, a natural giver, an exceptional graphic designer, a fighter and always my favorite ninja.

I invite you to feel inspired. (originally published on medium).

Sarah Bürvenich

It‘s A Jungle Out There …

I reckon if the creative industry is a zoo, I have jumped the fence.

For me, being in a zoo, makes me think of being ‘comfortable’. You don’t have to look after yourself, you’re fed, given water and even your cage is cleaned up every now and then. But in the (design)industry, ‘being comfortable’ doesn’t pay off in the long run — it doesn’t propel you forward. If you want to really develop you have to be … ’not comfortable’ for a while, and leave your comfort zone.

The first time I did so, was 7 years ago. I caught a plane and left Germany to work overseas. With a friend, I was heading to New Zealand, which is as far away as you can get (and that was kinda the idea). I had nothing lined up, I wasn’t prepared, but I was ready to dive in. The plan was … no plan. So it was a risk. But it paid off. For some reason, by luck or serendipity or because they were curious about a German so far from home, we had a job within three weeks. At a small agency doing the classic stuff: web and corporate. We stayed 8 months away from home, had adventures, and I spruced my CV in the process.

Five years later, I was at the airport again. Germany had gotten stale. And Australia awaited. This time alone, the decision was a bit more serious. I only had a one way ticket and all of my possessions in one twenty kilo backpack. (…) Keep reading


Image © Sarah Bürvenich


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